how to help when i am not feeling good

you can ask which number i am at:
1-2 = feeling like my mood might drop
2-3 = feeling upset to very bad
4-5 = no impulse control, ready to hurt self, etc.

ways to cheer me up:
- let me vent, if i wish to
- do something with me, if i am able--like watching a show.
- ask me about my comforts/interests
- give me attention in general
- pda helps me a lot.

i cannot help splitting on people, and if i do it usually can be easily resolved.
i feel extremely guilty about needing attention, so please try not to make me feel worse about that.
do not make fun of my comforts (duh?)
i have hypochondria and delusions, so if i say something that seems off i am sorry.