band stuff!

the beatles

fave songs: your mother should know, mother nature's son, back in the USSR
lady madonna, hey bulldog, drive my car
sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band reprise

fav album: the white album, sgt. peppers

fav member: paul mccartney

how i got into them: my dad owned a music shop when i was a kiddo and i grew up listening to them, was really obessed when i was 8-9yrs old!


fave songs: dreamers ball, don't stop me now, dear friends
teo torriatte, you and i, life is real (song for lennon)
long away, in the lap of the gods

fav album: queen II

fav member: brian may

how i got into them: accidentally stumbled into freddie mercury's wikipedia page, was never the same again.